February 16, 23–24
Cost: $195

Learn the basics of mokuhanga, the centuries old technique of Japanese woodblock printing.  Mokuhanga uses water-based inks and no press—all printing is done by hand and on washi. 

This three-day workshop, includes a review of the history of mokuhanga and viewing prints by master  printmakers. The workshop will focus on basic techniques (planning and transferring the  design, carving the blocks, preparation of the paper and printing the image). Workshop price includes use of carving knives, bench hooks, Japanese paper, inks, nori, brushes and  printing jig (the only other expense may involve the purchase of a baren (the tool used for printing—I’ll provide details to those interested).

If interested or if you have questions or for more workshop details, please contact Frank by e-mail at frank.trueba@yahoo.com or text 831-239-961