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Exhibition at Open Ground Studios

PATT Invitation


September 18 – Nov. 12

SEPT. 18th, 5:30-7:30pm
1230 Fremont Blvd.
Seaside, CA 93955

PATT is honored to be exhibiting at Open Grounds Studio.This is an exhibition of prints that embody a deep and vast level of expertise and diversity from the the PATT group.

Our budding relationship with OGS began almost ten years ago, when Denese Sanders (OGS Founder) was invited to consult with the PATT leadership group about their plans and organizational structure for a printmaking cooperative. Three years ago, that very same group of PATT officers, and new PATT members were instrumental in the development, buildout and founding of Open Ground Studios.

A full circle of collegial commitment to the advancement of the arts and printmaking on the Central Coast! This exhibition will contain artwork from 16 printmakers, representing contemporary and traditional printmaking methods from etching and woodcut, to screen print, photopolymer intaglio and monotype.

For more information, visit Open Ground Studios.


Johanna Atkinson
Andree LeBourveau
Janis O’Driscoll
Julie Erreca
Cindy Haug
Hedwig Heerschop
Louise Leong
Lu Lee
Catharina Marlowe
Ann Miya
Mary Neater
George Newell
Bob Rocco
Frank Trueba
Mary Weeks